2016 National Assembly, Columbus


We were blessed with many wonderful events and experiences, but none as great as the love we felt being among like-minded, like-spirited people. Seeing the energy across the country, especially in Ohio, rejuvenated our spirits and gave us a renewed sense of who we are and why we are.

The Vincentian charism has been alive for nearly 400 years and continues to grow stronger every day. The Youth and Young Adult initiative across the United States is beginning to bear fruit. The systemic change efforts of “Change the Culture” and “Bridges out of Poverty” are demonstrating that we can make a difference, both physically and spiritually in the lives of the people we serve. The new Ozanam Orientation and focus on formation rather than training provide an enormous opportunity to strengthen our faith, broaden our hearts and reach out to persons in need.

We hope to bring some of what we experienced to the Philadelphia area over the course of the next 6 months. Stay tuned as we explore several new options for our membership:

  • Father David Green, Northeast Region Spiritual Advisor, speaking with our Pastors and Spiritual Advisors
  • Maura Carpinelli,Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati, to speak with our youth and young adults about service opportunities
  • Sonia Holycross, Partners in Hope, to share her story about “Getting Ahead” and how it saved her life

Lot of great things in store.

– Larry Huber