Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop

What is Bridges Out of Poverty®?

This workshop, based on the book, Bridges Out of Poverty®, emphasizes concepts, strategies, and approaches to prevent, reduce, and alleviate poverty on an individual and community level. The goal is to provide a better understanding of the typical characteristics of different economic classes, that is, the wealthy, middle class, and, especially, those in poverty. The day will be a combination of oral presentations, videos, group discussions, and Q & A sessions.

Note that we invite not only Vincentians (members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul [SVdP), but also other partner non-profits and agencies in the community who also work with and serve the poor. The idea is to invite all to start making connections in our communities, so that SVdP Conferences can find allies and partners and better serve the poor together.

Date, time, location:
UPDATE: Saturday, October 29, 2016 January 14, 2017
7:30 am to 3:30 pm

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
601 Bristol Pike
Croydon, PA. 19021-1808

How to sign up:

All Philadelphia area Vincentians are welcome, but we would especially like to see a strong presence from those in Bucks County. As in all our training and formation sessions, there is no up-front cost. Currently we are using SignUpGenius to track and organize registrations for these events. Click HERE for the event page for this Bridges Out of Poverty® workshop.

You will see times, directions, and other information about the event via that link. If you, or anyone in your conference has problems using that site, contact me directly and I can help. For more instructions on signupgenius see below my signature. If you have any questions, please let me know.

God Bless,
Paul Marin
The Society of St Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia
Formation Chair, Archdiocesan Central Council
Secretary, St. Katherine of Siena Conference

The book is published by Aha! Process and is available directly through their website or via Amazon Smile
NOTE: There is no need to purchase the book ahead of time. One will be provided to each participant at the event.

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2016 National Assembly, Columbus


We were blessed with many wonderful events and experiences, but none as great as the love we felt being among like-minded, like-spirited people. Seeing the energy across the country, especially in Ohio, rejuvenated our spirits and gave us a renewed sense of who we are and why we are.

The Vincentian charism has been alive for nearly 400 years and continues to grow stronger every day. The Youth and Young Adult initiative across the United States is beginning to bear fruit. The systemic change efforts of “Change the Culture” and “Bridges out of Poverty” are demonstrating that we can make a difference, both physically and spiritually in the lives of the people we serve. The new Ozanam Orientation and focus on formation rather than training provide an enormous opportunity to strengthen our faith, broaden our hearts and reach out to persons in need.

We hope to bring some of what we experienced to the Philadelphia area over the course of the next 6 months. Stay tuned as we explore several new options for our membership:

  • Father David Green, Northeast Region Spiritual Advisor, speaking with our Pastors and Spiritual Advisors
  • Maura Carpinelli,Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati, to speak with our youth and young adults about service opportunities
  • Sonia Holycross, Partners in Hope, to share her story about “Getting Ahead” and how it saved her life

Lot of great things in store.

– Larry Huber

Josef Mayr-Nusser

Each of us is called to a different life of service and the exact moment when we will be called upon to reflect that service back to Christ may not yet be known. We each pray that the moment will not be as dramatic as it was for Josef Mayr-Nusser, who was asked to swear an oath of loyalty to Adolf Hitler. His refusal landed him in jail and sentenced to die. The Lord, however, chose to take his life sooner. Pope Francis has now declared him a martyr for the faith, a step that will pave his path to sainthood.

Please take the time to read the press release about him and several others set on the path to sainthood by Pope Francis.
Click Josef Mayr-Nusser to read more about this Italian layman who was a member of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

-Larry Huber

Updated Schedule

The Members Learning Session is scheduled for Saturday, August 13, 2016. Vincentians interested in attending should visit the sign-up page (click HERE to sign up).

To encourage participation in the Members Learning Session, the Montgomery County District Meeting scheduled for Saturday, July 23, 2016, has been canceled, but the next regularly scheduled District Meeting will take place in October, right about the time the Conferences will be filing their Annual Reports.

We look forward to a lively meeting on August 13 and encourage as many to attend as possible.

– Larry Huber, Joanne Kratz, Dom Bucciarelli, Ron Mandel

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been solemnly consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus from February 5, 1872. At that time, an Act of Consecration was drawn up at the request of the Society and this act of consecration is renewed annually by all units of the Society.

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart

Lord Jesus, Who, seeing the cold indifference of the world and in order to revive charity amongst all people, has unveiled before them Your Sacred Heart and revealed the infinite riches of Your Divine Love, behold us prostrate before You, we who form only one Family, by the bond of fraternal charity, scattered, it is true, throughout the world, but united under the standard of St. Vincent de Paul, and forming only one body and one soul in the common spirit of the apostolate of charity; we dedicate and consecrate to Your Divine Person and to Your Sacred Heart this our Council (or Conference), and all the members who compose it, the poor whom we visit in Your name, the youth and children to whom we respond in order to maintain them in Your service; in a word, all those of whom we have the care, and all the works we have undertaken in various places for Your Glory. Quite unworthy though we are, we beseech You to receive this offering in the odor of sweetness; inflame us with that fire which from the depths of Your Heart You desire to see burning more and more each day, in order that, filled with the tenderness of Your Heart, we may learn to despise things here below, to love and help our neighbor, by word and example, and that, among the vicissitudes of this world, we may fix our hearts on the riches and happiness that shall never end. Amen.

This act of consecration is to be renewed annually by all units of the Society.

– National Council of the United States, Manual, p 71

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is celebrated on the third Friday after Pentecost. In 2016, that solemnity occurs on Friday, June 3, 2016.

2016 Eastern Region Mtg – June 4

Sign-up page: Click Here

From To What Presenter/Leader
8:00am 9:00am   Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00am 9:15am   Opening Prayer and Reflection   Larry Huber
9:15am 9:30am Welcome Dom Visco
Welcome to Trenton Video Bishop David O’Connell, C.M.
9:30am 10:30am Keynote Address Fr. Patrick Griffin, C.M.
10:30am 10:45am Break
10:45am 11:00am Our Vincentian Heritage Br. John Skrodinsky
The Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity
11:00am 11:30am East Region Report Dom Visco, E.R. Vice President
Morning Workshops
11:30am 12:30pm Disaster Services Division
Practical examples of how Councils are responding to disasters
Irma Calobrese
Anthony Pluchino
Grant Writing
Insights on preparing successful appeals for funding
Sr. Marge
Partnering With the Poor
Bringing our neighbors closer to self-sufficiency
Arnie Simonse
12:30pm 1:15pm Lunch
Afternoon Workshops
1:30pm 2:30pm Spirituality During the Home Visit
Seeing and reflecting the face of Christ as we serve our neighbors
Frank O’Brien
John Currie
Servant Leadership
Adapting St. Vincent de Paul’s management style in 21st century
Yvonne Haddock
Joe Williams
Round Table Discussions
2:45pm 3:45pm The Charism of Spirituality
Do we fully appreciate and embrace the gift?
Larry Huber
Fr. Jack Kane, C.M.
Systemic Change in Action
Actual experiences from the field
Arnie Simonse
Keith Kondrich
Are You the Voice of the Poor?
Exploring how we can improve our advocacy efforts
Matt Walker
4:00pm 5:15pm Celebration of Eucharist Fr. Pat. Griffin, C.M
main celebrant

St Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

Some images from SVDP-Phila’s involvement in Philadelphia’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, held on Sunday, March 13, 2016. Brittany from GreenDrop drove the Mini-Cooper vehicle that was part of our entourage. Click on an image to see an enlarged version.
stpatparade2016_ 001

stpatparade2016_ 002

stpatparade2016_ 005

stpatparade2016_ 004

The train ride to and from Philadelphia on the Lansdale/Doylestown Regional Rail was a packed affair. It was great to see so much energy for a positive event.

Special thanks to Dom Bucciarelli and Terry Peck for helping with the day and making it enjoyable.
– Larry Huber