REMINDER: When paying funds to a corporation (like PECO or a large real estate company like Gross & Quade), they already have a system in place to acknowledge every payment received as income.  With private individuals (those who serve as landlords, mechanics or other service providers) that understanding is not a given as far as the IRS is concerned.  It’s important to have a W-9 from each of those persons who receive funds from SVDP because the IRS will be checking their tax returns for the proper acknowledgment of income.  The forms should be on file with the Conference by the end of the fiscal year, Sept 30.  All Annual Reports are submitted to your District President or entered electronically by October 30th.  Every conference who completes a Special Work must enter a Special Works form.  Every Conference with a Food Pantry MUST submit a Special Works form or your pantry may NOT be covered by insurance.

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