Urge Congress to Expand the Child Tax Credit

Dear Friends,

As Congress is trying to finish up their annual appropriations work, we are urging Congress to include the Child Tax Credit (CTC) as they consider year-end tax provisions that could be attached to the next Continuing Resolution on Nov 17.

Currently, an estimated 19 million children receive less than the full Child Tax Credit because their parents’ incomes are too low. The American Rescue Plan Act expanded the 2021 Child Tax Credit to almost 90% of U.S. children and cut child poverty by 46 percent.

The CTC monthly payments helped parents afford necessities such as rent, food, gas, utilities, childcare, and clothes for their kids. However, Census data released in September showed the effects of letting the expansion of the CTC expire – 5.2 million more children were in families with incomes below the poverty line and we saw a 12% increase in the poverty rate in the United States.

We have a very narrow window to urge Congress to expand the Child Tax Credit. Please contact your legislators TODAY! 
You can customize your letter by using the data in the CTC State Fact Sheets – CTC National and State Impact Fact Sheets – Economic Security Project Action

What does The Rule Say about Advocacy?
Part VII of the International Rule of the Society, “Relationship with Civil Society, Work for Social Justice,” calls Vincentians to address injustice as part of their mission of service to the poor. Excerpts from Part VII (April, 2005);

7.5 A voice for the voiceless
The U.S. Society helps the poor and disadvantaged speak for themselves. When they cannot, we must speak on behalf of those who are ignored.

Yours in Christ,
John Berry
National President

Transforming Lives

Men and women offering person to person service to those individuals in need, that is what the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia is all about. Called to service by our Catholic values, our actions are born out of compassion and love.

By working directly, person-to-person, with our neighbors in need, to help with the most basic necessities – food, shelter, transportation and emotional comfort – our lives our transformed, as are hopefully those we serve.

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